PAS's Operator Alert supplements an alarm system

PAS introduces Operator Alert, an addition to its critical condition-management products. Operator Alert provides the ability for plant operators to easily define alerts and reminders to notify them of plant conditions and help improve their effectiveness. Alerts can be based on process conditions or timers. In addition, an intuitive interface allows operators to quickly and effectively configure new alerts. Operator Alert has both Web and Windows interfaces, and alerts can be configured to notify individuals or groups of operators. Working in conjunction with AMO-Rt, Operator Alert provides a full range of tools to effectively manage a plant’s alarm system. AMO-Rt is the most comprehensive, real-time alarm and event management suite available and – in addition to the new Operator Alert functionality – includes alarm and event data collection and analysis, performance metrics manager, documentation and rationalization, state-based alarm handling, flood suppression, alarm shelving, as well as audit and enforce to keep alarm systems performing optimally.


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