Weidmuller's crimp tool design offers greater force with less effort

When Weidmuller redesigned its line of crimping tools, they listened to input from tool users. The result is a new line of high-quality crimp tools that feature a compact, ergonomic construction and deliver 25% more crimping force with 20% less physical effort.

The new line of Weidmuller crimp tools are just 250 mm in length and feature a “hard/hard” handle combination that stands up to industrial use and exposure to oils and lubricants without adverse affects. The new ergonomic design provides users with an improved gripping position to ensure that fingers are not inadvertently squeezed together during use.

Weidmuller’s crimp tool handle design also features a new leverage system that decreases the level of hand fatigue and stress to the user. The physical force is distributed in such a way as to make work far less tiring. For example, a manual force of 400 N can create a crimping force of up to 14 tons.

The new generation of Weidmuller crimp tools is made from hardened steel and is equipped with an integrated ratchet that allows the tool to open only when the crimping process has been fully completed. They are designed for long service life with high levels of repeat accuracy, and fulfill the requirements for hand crimping tools per DIN 41 641 Part 1.



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