IntelliCom's NetBiter provides central server for management of remote units

This service from IntelliCom gives customers access to the NetBiter webSCADA's unique possibilities. The Web site has the purpose of doing basic management of NetBiter webSCADA devices connected to any remote equipment.

The NetBiter webSCADA devices connect to the central server to submit critical equipment data, such as logged parameter data and alarms. At the server an authorized user can view and manage this information. The only tool the user needs is a standard Web browser. The use of one central location for all remote equipment simplifies the work for anyone dealing with remote installations.

The service provides the following functions:

  • Administrate and maintain users, projects, remote field units and data.
  • Storage of log files produced and sent by the NetBiter webSCADA field units.
  • View logged data as trend graphs.
  • Management of active alarms and alarm history (alarm notifications updates automatically on the server).
  • View the physical location of remote equipment on a map.

This service from IntelliCom is free! features:


  • Store data log files at and view trend graphs of selected parameter data.
  • Analyze trends to detect early warning of malfunctioning equipment.
  • To be proactive to problems saves time and money immediately as travels to sites can be dramatically reduced.  


  • View the location of remote equipment on a map.
  • Easy and improved planning of service routes saves time for any service organization.
  • When an alarm occurs in equipment, that unit in the map will automatically be marked in red color.  

Alarm management

  • As soon as the remote equipment detects an alarm or event condition, the server is informed.
  • The user can instantly view current active alarms from each project and remote equipment.
  • The alarm list is an important tool for analyzing the health of equipment.

Management of users, projects etc. It provides one central place for management of users, remote equipment and critical information. It stores important blue prints, pictures, templates and more. 

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