Kimberly-Clark Professional offers protective apparel and a line of color-coded particulate respirators

Kimberly-Clark Professional offers a design innovation in protective apparel and a line of color-coded particulate respirators in a continuing expansion of its head-to-toe KleenGuard brand portfolio of protective gear. The KleenGuard A30 Breathable Splash and Particle Protection Stretch Coverall combines outstanding comfort and dry particulate protection with a stylish new design that features stretch panels under the arms and across the back. It offers increased range of motion, quality protection and better fit. The Kimberly-Clark Professional iFlex stretch technology builds in freedom of movement and enables the coveralls to move and stretch with the wearer. Made with the same stretch material found in Kimberly-Clark Huggies brand diapers, the patent-pending stretch panel provides the same level of protection as the primary fabric. Not surprisingly, this stretch coverall was preferred by 95 percent of end users for fit and 94 percent for comfort over a leading competitor in independent testing.

Key features include:

  • A new elastic front to complement the existing elastic-back design.
  • A greater range of sizing options – from medium to XXXXL – to fit women and men, as well as a range of body types.

The new coveralls were developed after a series of end-user focus groups revealed that some workers were altering their protective apparel by cutting holes in coveralls to make them more comfortable, thereby compromising worker protection. To see the coveralls in action, visit

The KleenGuard A30 Breathable Splash and Particle Protection Stretch Coverall is recommended for use in pharmaceutical research, tasks involving fine particle contamination, and for the aerospace, maintenance and general manufacturing industries. 

The new KleenGuard M-Series Particulate Respirators offer a full range of comfort features aimed at increasing compliance. The new line also introduces color-coded protection to the market, with each type of respirator available with different colored straps. This innovation was added after customer research showed that safety managers needed to determine from a distance if employees were using the correct respirators for a given task. The KleenGuard M10, M20 and M30 Particulate Respirators are available in:  NIOSH N95 valved and non-valved (blue strap), R95 valved (yellow strap), P95 valved and N99 valved (orange strap).

Designed for all-day wear, they feature:

  • Highly visible, color-coded, woven head straps.
  • Soft, foam nose pads.
  • Exhalation valves to release uncomfortable moist air (M10 valved, M20 valved and M30 valved models).
  • Ultrasonically bonded head straps to help keep the respirators securely in place, without pulling or breaking.
  • Four levels of protection against dry and oily particulates.
  • Full perimeter foam and adjustable head straps (M30 only)           
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