KwiKool portable air-conditioner delivers 2-ton capacity on 115-volt circuit

A portable air-conditioner that delivers two tons of cooling capacity - the largest capacity available on a dedicated 115-volt/20-amp circuit - is offered by Atlas Sales & Rentals Inc. Manufactured by KwiKool Portable Cooling Systems, the SAC (Strategic Air Center) Model 2411 portable unit features a high-tech design in a compact package. Key applications include hospitals, data center server rooms and all types of facilities that use backup generator 115-volt circuitry, which will not power their regular air-conditioning systems. The SAC2411 combines the convenience of 115-volt power with a high-capacity unit that takes up minimal space, measuring just 20" W x 42" L x 42.5" H. It can save on operating and purchase or rental costs because a single 2-ton unit can do the job of two competitive 1-ton coolers. The unit is ETL and CETL listed to UL and CSA standards, and all KwiKool models are manufactured in the U.S.A. The SAC2411 2-ton portable air-conditioner is available from Atlas for rental or purchase and may be used for primary, supplemental or emergency cooling. Atlas offers a full line of portable cooling solutions from KwiKool, including both air-cooled and water-cooled models to fit a range of standard and special applications.


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