Baldor short series brake motors feature spring set brake

Baldor Electric Co. announces Short Series Brake Motors (SSB), which feature an integral Dodge spring set brake for a compact and cost-effective design. The DC brake is magnetically released with a built-in single phase rectifier and has a manual release lever. Brake leads are brought to the motor conduit box for connecting to the motor leads or connecting separately when used with an inverter.

Available for 230/460 and 575 volt operation in NEMA sizes 56C through 184C and in 1/2 through 5 horsepower, the brake motors are UL/CSA recognized and CE certified. 56-140 frames have low-profile F3 top-mounted conduit boxes and are inverter ready. SSB brake motors can be universally mounted and are inverter ready. 143-145TY and 143-145TYC frame motors have a special base with 56, 143 and 145 slots used on OEM conveyors. Baldor short series brake motors feature a two-year warranty. Typical applications include unit and baggage handling, conveyors, packaging equipment, machine tools, hoists and door operators.






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