Carlo Gavazzi compact power analyzer provides utility metering, electrical parameters

The EM26-96 Series compact power analyzers from Carlo Gavazzi are the newest addition to the company's energy management product portfolio. This product supplies an effective and easy-to-use instrument that provides both utility metering and electrical parameters analysis and control --  harmonics included. Includes MID compliance, three digital outputs and RS485 communication port, harmonic analysis up to the 15th harmonic and dual color backlit LCD display. The display is innovative in that the backlit LCD display’s color automatically changes in case of alarm. The meters are designed to assure high-profile solutions to all industries that require cost allocation and parameter control services. Some other technical  features include:

  • Class B according to EN50470-1-3, Class 2 (kvarh) according to EN62053-23
  • Accuracy ±0.5 RDG (current/voltage)
  • Variables readout: 4 digit; Energy analyzer readout: 7+1 digit ; Hour counter readout: 6+2 DGT
  • System variables: VLL, VLN, A dmd, VA, VA dmd, VA dmd max, W, W dmd, W dmd max, var, PF, Hz, Phasesequence; Single phase variables: VLL, VLN, A, VA, W, var, PF
  • Energy measurements: total and partial kWh and kvarh or based on 4 different tariffs; single phase measurements
  • Harmonic analysis (FFT) up to 15th harmonic (current/voltage)
  • Gas, cold water, hot water, kWh remote heating measurements
  • 3 digital inputs for tariff selection, DMD synch or gas/water (hot-cold) and remote heating metering (on request)
  • 3 digital outputs for pulses or for alarms or as a mix of them (on request)
  • RS485 serial output (on request)
  • Universal power supply: 18 to 60VAC/DC, 90 to 260AC/VDC
  • Dual color backlight: no backlight, blue or white (selectable)
  • 96x96mm front panel with IP50 protection
  • MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) “annex MI-003” compliant
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