Nilfisk CFM's A15 and A17 pneumatic vacuums have as much power as electric counterparts

What would you do without electricity? For most people the lack of electricity is a nuisance, but for many industrial workers, it's the norm. Whether it's performing maintenance on the docks of a major shipping yard or constructing a brand new building, there are times when electricity is either a safety hazard or simply unavailable. Nilfisk CFM's A15 and A17 pneumatic vacuums were developed in response to customers' needs for compressed-air vacuums that pack the same punch as electric-run industrial vacuums.
The CFM A15 and A17 use air pressure generated by a compressor, which is driven though a venturi inside the vacs to create powerful suction. Because the venturis have no moving parts like electric motors, the units are very low maintenance.
The CFM A15 is compact and maneuverable, suited for confined spaces and transportation to remote locations. The larger CFM A17 can handle heavy-duty chores and features a large 26-gallon tank. In addition, the CFM A17 can be equipped to collect liquids and other wet hazardous materials.
Both machines are quiet and come equipped with various features, including an external filter shaker to prevent premature clogging. In addition, the A15 and A17 are available in stainless steel and can be fitted with optional HEPA filters and an array of anti-static filters and accessories.
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