Devcon offers durable coatings for concrete floors

Devcon Floor Savers coatings are high-performance, non-VOC formulations for protecting concrete floors, walkways, ramps, platforms and walls against harsh chemicals, solvents, hydrocarbons, acids and alkalis. Easily applied by maintenance personnel without special tools or training, these gray epoxy-based coatings attain functional cure (for foot traffic) in 24 hours, drying to durable, attractive finishes that are easy to clean.

Epoxy Coat 7000 NonVOC is a self-leveling epoxy coating that can be applied to smooth or mildly spalled concrete to produce a glossy, high-impact, anti-abrasion finish that is also chemical resistant. Epoxy Coat 7000 AR (Acid Resistant) is an epoxy novolac floor coating system with unmatched chemical resistance. Capable of withstanding sulfuric acid concentrations of up to 98%, it is ideal for protecting concrete surfaces in the vicinity of chemical storage tanks (floors, piping, dike walls, containment areas, etc.). Epoxy Coat 6500 NonVOC is a self-leveling epoxy coating designed for large coating jobs such as concrete warehouse or showroom floors and is conveniently packaged in 3-gallon containers. 

This formulation also produces a glossy, high-impact, anti-abrasion, chemical-resistant finish on wood, brick, and stucco.  Epoxy Concrete Sealer is a self-leveling, clear epoxy sealer that can be used as a chemical-resistant primer on damp concrete floors at temperatures as low as 40° F.


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