McQuay evaporative condenser rooftop systems help save up to 40% on energy

McQuay evaporative condenser rooftop systems, sized from 75 to 150 tons, can save as much as 40% on condensing energy compared to air-cooled systems and often draw less energy than any alternative HVAC system. These units use the cooling effects of evaporation to lower condensing temperatures and reduce compressor work. The result is lower electrical demand and consumption. In addition, electrical service to the units can be sized for lower amps, thus reducing installed costs.

These systems can be equipped with a chemical-free water treatment system that eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals that prevent scale build-up and microbial growth in the moisture-laden condenser section of these units.  Chemical-free water treatment can save about $2,700 per year in chemical costs for a 150-ton evaporative condenser rooftop unit and reduce water consumption costs by an estimated 10%.

The energy efficiency of the McQuay evaporative condenser rooftop system can contribute to obtaining LEED points (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) under the “Optimize Energy Performance” heading. Chemical-free water treatment qualifies for a LEED point under the “Innovation” heading.

The McQuay Open Choices feature allows easy BAS integration with your choice of BAS vendors using open, standard protocols. The evaporative condenser system is factory-packaged and tested to minimize installation and commissioning costs. 


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