Lafert North America offers line of IEC explosion-proof motors

Lafert North America carries a complete line of IEC explosion-proof motors. These motors are ATEX certified, which is a requirement for equipment sold in Europe. Motors are available in many configurations, including single-phase, three-phase, brake and 2-speeds at various nominal voltages and ratings from 63 to 315 frame sizes. Increased safety and non-sparking motors are also available.

Flameproof-Explosion proof motors (EEx-d, EExde)
Power 0.08 – 175HP, 3-phase, single-phase, ventilated, non-ventilated,
Group I, IIA, IIB, IIC, category 2G, 2D, 2GD, temperature class T3 to T6
Increase safety motors (EEx-e)
Power 0.16 – 10HP, 3-phase, 1 or 2-speed, Group II, category 2G, temperature class T3

Non sparking motors (EEx-nA)
Power 0.16 – 175HP, 3-phase, 1 or 2-speed, Group II, category 3G, temperature class T3


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