Thermo Fisher Scientific M-PULSe ultrasonic flowmeter exceeds industry standard for accuracy

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. says its Thermo Scientific M-PULSe Multi-Path Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Measurement System exceeds previous measurement standards for liquid petroleum products with accuracy better than ±0.10%. The M-PULSe system surpasses the API required custody transfer specification of ±0.15%, ensuring less lost and unaccounted for product and saving customers thousands of dollars annually.  In addition, the solution's economical fiscal metering system is designed to consume less power and further reduce overall operating costs.
The M-PULSe offers functionality that does not require recalibration between products of varying viscosities. For example, a customer can easily switch from gasoline to heavy crude with minimal time lost between runs, increasing daily throughput and productivity. By reducing the need to stop, re-prove or recalibrate between products, customers maximize the efficiency of multi-product pipelines. 
The compact design of the new Thermo Scientific flowmeter allows customers to use a shorter length of pipe for installation, which is beneficial on offshore platforms where pipe space is at a premium. Strong performance results were achieved with the flow conditioner placed only 5 pipe diameters (5D) upstream of the meter, significantly less than the standard 10 pipe diameters (10D).  Additional features and benefits include:

  • Full-featured flow computer incorporates all required API approved algorithms and software 
  • Non-metallic transducer diaphragm resists corrosion caused during chemical liquid processing
  • Bi-directional, high reliability with accuracy of +/- 0.10% of flow and repeatability of +/- 0.05%
  • Meter spool size from 4 -16 inches with no moving parts
  • Compensation for temperature, pressure and density inputs in accordance with API standards
  • Optimized user interfaces including keypad and laptop configuration software through RS232
  • Logs for flow data, alarms and audit trails and various batching options
  • Real-time flow profiling for accurate laminar, turbulent and transitional flow measurements.
  • Certifications

The Thermo Scientific M-PULSe recently received both the OIML R117 Class 0.3 certification from NMi, the Nederlands Meetinstitut for international use, and it earned CE markings for European use. Petroleum products tested during OIML certification include gasoline, jet fuel, fuel oil, light crude, heavy crude and heavy oil. Additional tests performed on water at several flow rates confirmed these results. 
In addition to the ATEX certification for Explosive Atmospheres it originally received, the M-PULSe also passed all applicable European Community (EC) requirements, including Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC), Low Voltage Directive (LVD), Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and Measuring Instruments Directive (MID).  The solution is also certified by CSA/CUS for North American use. With ATEX Zone 0 Intrinsically Safe certification, the M-PULSe can be used safely in the world's most hazardous environments. 

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