Surecross developer's kit includes gateway and node for on-site wireless testing

The Wireless Developer's Kit consists of a gateway and one-node transceiver to enable on-site wireless testing. The ready-to-use, self-contained kit provides battery boxes with test buttons and indicator lights simulating inputs and outputs to determine an application's specific range and response time requirements.

The SureCross DX70 Wireless Developer's Kit contains three white papers that cover basic radio, network and antenna theory. This educational information provides an overview of the technology behind SureCross, a rugged wireless solution delivering I/O across ranges up to three miles away for remote installations, as well as solving a variety of cumbersome or difficult-to-access applications.

The SureCross network employs a node transceiver to gather information, which is then concentrated at the gateway system controller. The network's bidirectional communication capabilities facilitate robust monitoring and control, while its Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) protocol and Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology ensure dependable, secure communications. With the new SureCross DX70 Wireless Developer's Kit, users can test signal strength, range, I/O types and response times at various locations and conditions within their unique environments.

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