HL Planartechnik offers tiny digital infrared temperature sensor for OEM usage

HL Planartechnik, part of Measurement Specialties Inc., introduces a new member of the IR sensor family: the TSEV01P. This OEM module has a strong integration leading to a radical reduction of the outer dimensions of the sensor combined with a strong reduction of the power consumption.

HL Planartechnik has developed and manufactured MEMS infrared temperature sensors. These "thermopiles" are used to measure temperature in a fast, precise and contactless way. The sensor, housed in a TO metal can, provides an electronic voltage depending on the incoming infrared radiation. Additional electronics are applied for analog and digital signal processing to compute the surface temperature of the object of interest. With HL Planartechnik's product family, TSEV, all of these functionalities have been integrated to an electronic assembly on one PCB.

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