Noren Products Inc. offers its smallest air-to-air heat exchanger

Noren Products Inc. offers its smallest and lowest-cost air-to-air heat exchanger, the "Mighty Mini" CC100. The CC100 is designed to provide a small form factor solution, which is easy to install as protection against overheating in all types of electrical, electronic, drive and device control panels.

The CC100 provides closed-loop cooling within sealed enclosures, protecting electronics from contamination caused by dirt, oil, humidity and corrosives. This compact design uses Noren Product's heat pipe technology to remove the excess heat from electrical and electronic enclosures.

The CC100 is rated at 700 BTU/hr cooling capacity with an efficiency of 102 watts per degree Celsius, and offers years of reliable and near zero-maintenance operation.  Its small form factor allows installation in even the smallest enclosures, extending the life of valuable electronics and avoiding costly downtime due to heat and contamination.

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