Pittsburgh Corning's FOAMGLAS Pool Fire Suppressant reduces flame height

Pittsburgh Corning Corp. offers the Foamglas PFS pool fire suppressant system to complement any safety program by delivering a low-maintenance solution for the reduction of thermal radiation and flame height in contained liquid natural gas (LNG) fires. 

Foamglas PFS cubes are prepackaged in easy-to-handle UV-resistant bags that rest uniformly in a sump or other containment area. These units are easily installed on site and do not require any specialized skills or equipment to install or maintain.  The product also is packed in cartons and shipped on pallets, so no special shipping or handling is necessary.

The system provides immediate and automatic control without any deployment delays. Because they are highly buoyant, the PFS bags rise immediately to the surface of the LNG pool, thereby providing an insulating cap that can reduce the rate of evaporation. In the event of ignition, the PFS cubes are released from the bags on the pool surface and limit thermal radiation and flame height.

In scale tests performed by Shell Research Ltd., a depth of 200 mm (8 inches) of Foamglas “provided an immediate and automatic control of the fire at a level comparable with that provided of 1-2 m of high-expansion foam.”

Recent field trials at the Emergency Services Training Institute at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, were successful in proving how the system performs. The trials showed that firefighters equipped with a single 20 lb. dry chemical extinguisher were able to approach the edge of the containment pit and extinguish the flames within seconds with only a partial charge.

The Foamglas PFS system is also a Green solution. It is 100% inorganic and is made entirely of glass without binders, fillers or fibers of any kind. Damaged or waste materials can be disposed of as standard refuse and can be compacted for reduced waste volume, eliminating post-incident environmental impact.

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