ProComSol's explosion-proof Bluetooth HART modem improves safety, reduces costs

ProComSol Ltd. offers the HM-BT-VIN, HART Modem Bluetooth Voltage Input, the only explosion-proof Bluetooth HART modem available to the market. HART technology is the global standard for smart communication of instrumentation and measurement for plant and process automation.

By eliminating the need to perform gas sniff tests or obtain hazardous area work permits, productivity and safety are increased. The HM-BT-VIN is always on and connected, so you do not have climb ladders or scaffolds to remove instrument covers. Access HART instruments while safely on the ground. The HM-BT-VIN is approved by CSA to be explosion-proof for Class I Groups B, C and D. Class II Groups E, F and G.

No additional software drivers are needed to use the HM-BT-VIN.  After a onetime Bluetooth Discovery operation, the modem appears as a Serial Port to the operating system.  This allows any Windows software package to interface with the modem.  This includes handheld PDAs.

The HM-BT-VIN meets industry standards for both Bluetooth and HART connectivity.  The Bluetooth interface meets Bluetooth v1.2 standards and is registered with the FCC.  The HART interface meets the HART physical layer specification HCF_SPEC-54.




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