SEM's Eco-Saver Briquetting Systems reduce large volumes of waste

Eco-Saver Briquetting Systems from Security Engineered Machinery (SEM) reduce large volumes of loose waste to small, manageable briquettes. Available in three models, an Eco-Saver briquetting press can be paired with any new or existing SEM disintegrator. With a high-pressure hydraulic ram, it compacts shredded paper, cardboard and other light materials for recycling or easy disposal.

Eco-Saver Briquetting Systems can reduce paper waste volume by up to 90%, thus reducing storage, transportation and disposal costs. In-plant air quality, housekeeping and the risk of combustion can all improve because the fine dust produced in the disintegration process can be efficiently collected and incorporated into the briquettes along with larger particles. 

Furthermore, the briquettes have secondary value. An efficient source of heat, they can be sold as fuel for certain stoves and furnaces. Some paper mills buy briquettes and turn them back into pulp to make recycled paper.

Eco-Saver Briquetting Systems can handle 800-1,200 pounds of waste per hour, accommodating a range of applications. A typical system includes a disintegrator, evacuation equipment that transfers disintegrated particles and dust from the disintegrator to a hopper, a briquetting press, transfer tubes and briquette collection boxes. 

Options include a sound enclosure that keeps equipment noise below 85 dB. For small batches of waste, Eco-Saver systems can be manually operated. For larger waste streams, they can be fully automated. Standard briquette sizes range from 2.5 inches to 3.2 inches in diameter. 

In addition to installation and service, SEM specialists will help plan disintegrating/briquetting systems and will conduct demonstrations with a potential customer's waste materials at SEM's lab in Westboro, Mass.  

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