Omega Engineering's PX5500 transducer series has 10-year MTBF rate

Omega Engineering's PX5500 transducer series provides high performance in demanding industrial and research applications where accuracy, reliability and price are important. This transducer has a 10-year MTBF rate and is stable to 0.1% of FSO over an 18-month period. This translates into less down time, fewer test reruns, more time between calibrations, and high confidence in your pressure data. When recalibration is impossible, relying on the high stability of the PX5500 Series transducer may be the only cost-effective way to obtain pressure data over the long term.

Omega Engineering's thin film technology makes this premium performance possible. The strain gages and associated structures are sputter-deposited directly onto the pressure sensing element thus eliminating the need for adhesives. The resulting molecular bond between the sensing element and the strain gages ensures virtually no shifting, drifting, or "creep" in the performance of the transducer.

The micro-geometry design of the PX5500 sensing element results in a very small, low-mass sensor that reduces effects of mechanical vibration and shock.

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