Rittal Corp. Ri4Power creates compartment-based load isolation

Rittal Corp. introduces Ri4Power, a modular power management system. It uses the flexibility of Rittal's TS8 modular enclosure platform to create compartment-based load isolation from low-voltage switchgear components.

Because of the TS8-based modular design, assembly is fast and easy (one-person assembly is possible). Compartments can be configured to almost any size to accommodate motor starters, drives and other controls while incorporating an optional integrated busbar system (up to 1600A) that is isolated and has high short-circuit current resistance.

Among the Ri4Power configurations available are a high-current power distributor, a low-voltage system and a distribution enclosure. Applications for the high-current distributor include main current distribution systems, current rectification applications, industrial wind energy, industrial distribution systems and machine construction.

Applications for the low-voltage systems include process industry, water supply/disposal, building distribution systems, chemical industry, machine construction and motor control. Applications for the distribution enclosure include building, industrial and subdistribution systems.
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