Flowserve noise attenuation valve trim combines noise-control mechanisms

Flowserve Corp. introduces its Valtek StealthT, a patented gaseous noise trim valve that reduces sound pressure levels in the most demanding applications.

Stealth laser-cut discs are stacked to form the seat retainer. The cuts in the discs form channels for the fluid to pass through. Building on technologies from the field-proven Flowserve Valtek TigerToothT trim, flow through the Stealth expands and contracts as it passes through the seat retainer, creating gradual, controlled pressure drops.

Stealth's patented design gradually reduces pressure without generating high velocities, which is critical in noise reduction. In addition to reducing the pressure gradually, Stealth uses a frequency-shifting technology to further reduce audible noise. New WaveCracker technology uses irregularly shaped cross-sections and improves noise reduction significantly over current designs.

The Stealth trim noise attenuator combines pressure reduction, velocity control and noise elimination features to significantly reduce the noise caused by high pressure drops.

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