Lowell valve key sockets solve problem of worn valve nuts

Lowell Corp.'s Valve Key Socket Sets can help utility workers solve the problem of valve nuts that have become rounded or corroded. When attached to a valve key (not included with the set), the sockets are designed to easily and securely grip valve nuts in the toughest environments.

During line breaks or other emergencies, costs can escalate quickly. If workers cannot immediately close the appropriate valve, roads may need to be closed and torn up. Sometimes, the entire water supply must be shut down, causing extreme inconvenience to customers and potential hazards for fire departments who must rely on the ready availability of water. In some cases, electricity must be turned off as well. With a Lowell socket on a valve key, workers have a much better chance of quickly and easily dealing with stubborn or damaged valves. Significant savings of time and money can result.

Each Lowell socket kit comprises three valve key sockets: small, medium and large, and the hardware for connecting each socket to a valve key. All sockets are made of rugged, zinc-plated, hardened steel and all are a high-visibility yellow color to make locating them easier during low-light conditions. A durable carrying case houses all components.

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