ESCO Tool high-speed beveler offers automatic pilot locator

ESCO Tool introduces a high-speed, handheld pneumatic beveler that features an automatic pilot locating system that eliminates setup time and can perform end preps in a few seconds.

The Millhog High-Speed Hand-Held Beveler features a pilot that automatically seats in the tube I.D. and a cutterhead with field-replaceable carbide blade inserts and multiple cutting edges to perform 37 1/2° end preps. It can bevel a single tube in three seconds and can be supplied with an optional track-mount system for rapidly end-prepping full panel sections.

Providing torque-free operation, without cutting oils, High-Speed Hand-Held Bevelers are made for repetitive end preps. Straight-through and right-angle models that operate at either 5,000 or 10,000 rpm are offered with working ranges from 0.450 inches I.D. to 4 inches O.D. Applications include tube fabrication shops and water wall boiler repairs.

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