DoALL introduces medium-duty saw

DoALL Sawing Products will introduce model DC-310NC II at the WESTEC Show in Los Angeles on March 31. The company offers a dual-column metal-cutting band saw that has a 1 1/4-inch blade for greater beam strength and a powerful 5 hp AC inverter band drive system with variable speeds from 50 to 400 FPM for efficient cutting of a range of materials up to 12-inch diameter rounds and 12-inch x 12-inch rectangles.

A new floating style index assembly with automatic multiple indexing slues right or left on a roller-style bed to accommodate crooked stock. Precision linear ways support the dual column saw head to ensure smooth, accurate head movement for greater accuracy and reliability.

Productivity is increased through the use of a split-style front vise assembly with full stroke cylinders that hold the workpiece on both sides of the blade to reduce cut cycle times and minimize burrs. A work height sensor automatically detects material height to permit rapid head approach and minimize upward travel of the head for even lower cut cycle times.

Operator controls are ergonomically located and feature a 6-inch TFT touch-screen panel mounted on a console with built-in writing tray for operator convenience. Feed rate and feed force controls are also located on the console for fine-tuning cutting parameters.

Model DC-310NC II features numeric controls with a 10-job programming capacity that includes the number of cuts and cut lengths. Kerf compensation and multiple indexing are automatically controlled. Other features include a powered band brush, rapid travel vise index control, multiple indexing up to 10 times with a 16-in. stroke, and separate motors for the hydraulic system and coolant pump. Coolant is applied through the spring-loaded, zero-clearance, carbide-faced saw guides.

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