Tennant M30 eliminates complexity of sweeper-scrubbers

Tennant Co. introduces its Tennant M30 Scrubber-Sweeper, the second in the company's family of integrated, single-system scrubber-sweepers.

The Tennant M30, like the Tennant M20, eliminates the complexity of traditional sweeper-scrubbers (two machines bolted together) by combining a scrubber and a sweeper into a single system called FloorSmart, with a high-capacity, high-dump hopper and dry dust control, allowing the Tennant M30 to deliver cleaning results at a lower total cost of ownership.

Designed for large-scale applications, the Tennant M30 is an easy-to-use,
simple-to-maintain integrated scrubber-sweeper with fewer moving parts, resulting in more uptime, less downtime and the maximum in long-life productivity.

The Tennant M30 includes a number of customer-centric technologies and
capabilities, such as:

  • FloorSmart: A patent-pending integrated scrubbing and sweeping
    system that features two main brushes as well as a high-capacity, high-dump
    hopper with dry dust control. The system allows users to dry sweep or wet
    scrub, or do both simultaneously using the same two brushes.
  • MaxPro² Hydraulic Technology: Provides consistent power to the brush
    drive motors to deliver cleaning results.
  • Dura-Track Parabolic Squeegee: Designed with high tensile-strength
    steel to maintain its original structure without bending under pressure, and it's connected with a SmartRelease, a breakaway system that protects against damage to the squeegee frame and floor if the squeegee breaks away.
  • Touch-N-Go Control Panel: Increases productivity and ease-of-use by
    remembering previous settings to allow operator to push one button to begin
  • EasyOpen Access: Reduces downtime with easily accessed engine and
    hydraulic components for quick servicing.
  • Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology (FaST): A patented system that
    is National Floor Safety Institute-certified as increasing floor
    traction up to 21 percent, delivering just-scrubbed floors that are
    clean, quickly dry and ready for traffic.
  • Hygenic Tanks with Variable Drain Valve: Tanks allow for quick and
    easy access to the recovery and solution tanks for inspection and
    sanitization. Valve controls the flow of both solution and recovered water
    to empty tanks.
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