ClickSoftware updates suite of scheduling, mobility software

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. offers an enhanced version of its ClickMobile product, which helps companies make decisions in real time to improve service efficiency. Easy-to-use features, which support just about every step of handling the work order, provide the technician with a portable office to work more productively.

Simultaneously, dispatchers and managers are equipped with a set of real-time monitoring tools, increasing their ability to make informed decisions.
In conjunction with ClickSoftware's ClickSchedule automated workforce scheduling software, ClickMobile enables those organizations to graduate to real-time automated, optimized mobile workforce management that drives higher efficiencies and service responsiveness.
ClickMobile is built on the latest Microsoft mobility infrastructure, enabling vital field activities from the moment a task is dispatched to final completion and reporting.
Key new features include:

  • Complete range of supported devices.
  • Tight integration with ClickSchedule and ClickSoftware's entire ServiceOptimization Suite
  • Variety of job dispatching methods – smart push, drip feed, daily or weekly view, and more
  • Real-time optimization
  • Full support for work-order-related activities: real-time updates, automatic acknowledgement, customer history, spare parts, work details, completion details, billing process, signature capture, printing invoices and more
  • Ability to download and upload file attachments
  • Cross organization messaging system for fast communication
  • Configuration: Use different forms based on different jobs, input validations, configurable colors, icons, layouts, audible alerts, visual notifiers, shortcuts and more
  • Multilingual support
  • Scalable and secure connections
  • Built-in integration to technologies such as GPRS modem, GPS, phones, mobile printers and more
  • Integration to back-office systems for a variety of uses such as billing, recording timesheets and signature capture
  • Ability to centrally configure and push software updates to all mobile users remotely, without having to perform updates to each mobile device individually
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