Inpro expands shaft sealing product line

Inpro offers two shaft-sealing systems for the containment of powders, abrasives, liquids and toxic vapors: The Air Mizer-PS and the Articulating Air Mizer-PS with upgraded design features.

The Air Mizer product line was developed to use minimal amounts of air pressure to seal shafts where dry particulates, powders and bulk solids are handled, processed, packaged and stored. They can be installed on screw conveyors, mixers, blenders, rotary valves, feeders, gates, clinker grinders, bucket elevators, diverters, scales, bagging machines, dust collectors, discharges, classifiers, screens, extruders, separators, shredders, sifters, gate valves, metal detectors, pulverizers, crushers, coolers, augers, transfer pumps, fillers, and similar dry powder and bulk processing equipment.

The Articulated Air Mizer-PS has all the features of the original Air Mizer-PS, and adds the ability to handle extreme shaft run-out and deflection.

Inpro has taken its compound labyrinth bearing isolator and modified it to incorporate air as an extra sealing solution. The original Articulating Air Mizer-PS is a noncontact seal that avoids direct egress of the particulate material. Its innovation is in the inclusion of a design feature that uses a solid wall of air that functions as a barrier for contamination and works to retain product where it should be – in the equipment, not outside of it. 

The improved Articulating Air Mizer-PS offers includes the ability to handle extreme shaft misalignment and deflection to provide a seal that conventional methods cannot attain. The improved Articulating Air Mizer-PS now uses an air barrier directly on the shaft, allowing for unlimited axial movement without placing any stress or strain on the product. Without any rotating parts, the shaft “floats” in the seal, attaining zero contact and zero wear.

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