UE Systems' Ultraprobe 401 Digital Grease Caddy Pro helps to optimize equipment maintenance

UE Systems' Ultraprobe 401 Digital Grease Caddy Pro (UP401) has the ability to measure, data log and trend the amount of lubricant used in order to optimize equipment maintenance.

By translating inaudible ultrasonic bearing sounds to audible sounds heard by the inspector through headphones and indicated on the display panel in a decibel level, the UP401 gives users the necessary insight to know precisely the right amount of lubrication without using too much lubricant. Just as importantly, the ability to trend data provides the user with insight on bearing failure causes and equipment life expectancies.

UE Systems’ Ultra-Trend Data Management System is compatible with the UP401. The device mounts on most grease guns and can adjust to fit any number of test angles.

The UP401 includes a built-in LED lamp, swivel base, noise-blocking headphones, magnetically mounted transducer with a docking station and belt holster for easy carrying. Other features are two display modes, customizable settings and the ability to upload and download data.

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