Expertise in Predictive Maintenance

Subtle changes in performance can mean larger performance issues are imminent. Predictive U provides training and resources on vibration analysis and predictive maintenance strategies and technologies that can be put to immediate practice for measurable results.

Azima Case Study

Vibration Analysis On A Conveyor Drive Unit
Critical machinery, by its very classification, needs to be operational at all times. If your critical machines are not running, there is an immediate negative impact on both production - and revenues! In this case study, learn how a vibration monitoring program at the Cincinnati Bulk Mail Center (BMC) of the US Postal Service provided BMC technicians and maintenance staff with the information they needed to uncover and avert long-term performance problems of their conveyor drive units as well as identify and plan for routine maintenance to ensure continued operations.

Azima White Paper

Why You Need an Automated Advisory System for Your Condition Assessment Program
Tests have shown that an automated advisory system can produce results that are within 10% of the accuracy gained by a human expert exposed to the same data. But despite its 15 year history and demonstrated success, utilization has been less than overwhelming. This white paper takes a look at how automated advisory system might benefit you and your condition assessment program.

Azima Video

Keeping the US Military Mission Ready
Azima DLI has a rich history providing machine condition monitoring services to the U.S. Navy's aircraft carriers, surface fleet and Military Sealift Command. This video is a mini-documentary that presents technologies employed and interesting perspectives of the individuals involved from both the civilian and military's side of the programs.

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