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AVO Training Institute, a Megger® subsidiary, is a registered engineering firm and provides expertise in arc flash safety and preparedness, from our electrical safety certification courses to our expert instructors, some of who sit on the boards and committees of national safety organizations and helped write the standards. Our goal is to mitigate the hazards created by electrical equipment, and ultimately save lives. When it comes to your arc flash safety planning, contact the experts in the field - The AVO Training Institute.


How Did We Get Here?: Worker protection against arc flash incidents has a personal history all its own
In 1989, OSHA promulgated a much-needed regulation in the General Industry Regulations; 29 CFR 1910.147, the control of hazardous energy, or lockout/tagout. Analysis at the time indicated that more than 14,000 injury incidents were occurring annually in industry as a result of "accidental activation".

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Online Arc Flash Safety Awareness Series
AVO’s new industry leading online training Series includes 9 separate modules and all recent 2015 NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Updates to help you stay safe & compliant.


Power Studies Overview
The AVO Training Institute's Electrical Engineering Division (EED) offers engineering studies that identify and mitigate the hazards created by electrical systems. The EED works with your maintenance team to identify the electrical areas of your facility including equipment, wiring and usage, to address fault points, inefficiencies and under/over powered areas that can lead to an arc flash event. Our Arc Flash analysis provides a clear outlay of your existing electrical system and identifies areas to address proactively that eliminate problems from occurring. Visit www.avotraining.com/engineering to learn more.

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