Arc Flash, NFPA 70E and Electrical Workplace Safety

Schneider Electric is a recognized leader in promoting Electrical Workplace Safety

Schneider Electric Services advocates compliance to NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace not only for worker safety, but also equipment productivity. An arc flash incident can render equipment unusable and place a facility in a costly downtime mode.

To help companies begin the steps to NFPA 70E compliance, Schneider Electric professional engineers can perform an arc flash analysiswhich will identify equipment approach boundaries and appropriate levels of personal protective equipment (PPE).


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Produced in Partnership with UL PureSafety

Additional products and services that promote workplace safety include:

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Spending too much time and money on aging equipment?

Modernization solutions from Schneider Electric will upgrade your existing switchgear or motor control centers to current technology. We bring together exceptional design engineering and installation expertise in complete solutions that are designed to minimize downtime, improve reliability and extend the life of your equipment

Switchgear Modernization Solutions

For existing switchgear line-ups, we offer new custom-engineered circuit breakers which are designed to fit into the existing switchgear cell with minimal modification and down-time. As a result, existing equipment is upgraded to current technology. Our direct replacement and retrofill solutions are available for most manufacturers’ LV and MV systems.

Direct Replacement Units for Low-Voltage Motor Control Centers (MCCs)

Upgrade MCCs with industry-leading components, without replacing the structure and bus. New direct replacement MCC units are available for most major brands of motor control centers (for vintage and current styles) and can be supplied as a new branch feeder, full-voltage starter, solid-state starter, or variable frequency drive unit (bucket).

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Electrical Systems are Serious Business

You need serious professionals who can provide solid advice and recommendations to promote safety and to help ensure reliable and continuous power.

The power system engineering team from Schneider Electric is focused on helping facilities manage their energy and solve complex power system issues that may involve equipment, automation, the electrical system or the utility.

Our team of over 100 power system engineers, strategically located throughout the U.S., is collectively registered in every state.

Power System Design Services

We have over forty years of experience in power system design, installation and commissioning and serve every industry segment, from data centers to steel mills. Our portfolio of design and construction projects include:

  • Upgrades and expansions
  • Solar power systems
  • Custom and turnkey solutions
  • Brownfield projects

Schneider Electric Engineering Services also offers power system assessments and studiesto maximize your system's reliability, performance and efficiency of your electrical system more

Power Quality Correction

Technologies designed to lower energy costs could cause unexpected power quality disturbances. Schneider Electric provides cost-effective solutions that include power factor correction and harmonic mitigation equipment, installation and commissioning. more

If Your Power Equipment isn't Performing, Your Facility isn't Performing

To help ensure the reliable operation of your electrical equipment, periodic maintenance, cleaning and lubrication is needed. Failure to do so could result in costly downtime. In fact, according to IEEE, the rate of electrical component failures is three times higher in facilities that do not perform preventive maintenance on their electrical systems.

Preventive Maintenance and Testing

Performed by qualified field service representatives, our comprehensive on-site maintenance and testing services are available anywhere in the United States for any manufacturer’s equipment.

In addition, our custom service agreements and facility-wide outage management services help ensure your equipment is maintained properly year-after year more


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Additional Capabilities

  • Infrared Windows and Inspection Services more
  • Wireless Temperature Monitoring Services more
  • Bolted Pressure Switch Solutions more
  • Partial Discharge Monitoring more

Setting the Industry Standard with Quality Products, Services and Solutions

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Design and Construction Services

Covering all aspects of substation construction, our capabilities range from small jobs to turnkey design and build contracts and include:

  • Design and construction services for jobs ranging from 15 kV to 765 kV
  • Expert Engineering Services
    • Project management and design
    • Studies and grounding
    • Utility coordination and regulatory compliance
  • Substation Service and Repair more

Powersub™ Medium-Voltage (MV) Vacuum Substation Breakers

Square D™ Powersub substation breakers are the most advanced MV circuit breakers available. The Powersub Type EVR and FVR breakers are designed and tested to comply with or exceed ANSI and IEEE standards for outdoor circuit breakers. In addition, they are manufactured in a facility that is quality system certified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. to ISO 9001.

Custom Solutions for Unique Product Requirements or Complex Power Issues

From substation construction to special-application switchgear to solar projects, Schneider Electric Services can propose a cost-effective solution that minimizes downtime or lead-times more

Can Your Electrical Infrastructure Weather a Natural Disaster?

Contingency planning for continued business operations is a multi-faceted risk management function. While natural disasters cannot be avoided, their impact may be somewhat lessened if businesses are better prepared. This white paper identifies exercises companies can complete to help restore electrical distribution and control equipment efficiently and safely. Read more...

Electrical Workplace Safety Video

Schneider Electric Services partnered with UL PureSafety to produce a safety video for corporate executives on the dangers of, as well as the potential financial impact from, an arc flash event. View now...

Next Generation LV Upgrades for Masterpact M Circuit Breakers

Schneider Electric has developed modernization solutions utilizing the upgraded technology of the Masterpact NW circuit breaker to extend the life of existing switchgear that have Masterpact M circuit breakers installed. Read more...

About Us

As part of Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, the Electrical Distribution Services group offers engineered solutions designed to promote workplace safety, lower life-cycle cost and increase power system reliability to industrial, utility and commercial customers throughout the United States.

Our commitment is to provide you with innovative solutions, best-in-class customer services and project management, advanced technical knowledge, and exceptional quality in everything we do!


APC InRow® SC Systems

Masterpact ® Low Voltage Direct Replacement Circuit Breakers

Schneider Electric Services offers a custom-engineered, low voltage direct replacement circuit breaker solution to modernize and extend the life of switchgear utilizing Square D ® Masterpact circuit breakers. Designed to fit into the existing switchgear cell with little-to-no modification, tested to ANSI standards and built with totally new components, Masterpact circuit breakers offer a state-of-the art modernization solution for switchgear line-ups. Once complete, the upgrade has been completed at a fraction of the cost and installation time of new equipment.


Square D ® Powersub ® Medium Voltage Vacuum Substation Circuit Breakers

Powersub FVR substation circuit breakers offer the solid design and superior quality you expect from Schneider Electric. They're available in 15kV to 38kV voltage ratings with current ratings up to 4000A. And our FVR breakers are the only arc-resistant substation circuit breakers in the industry.

APC Symmetra® PX 250/500kW

ReactiVar ® Power Factor Correction Capacitors

ReactiVar Capacitator supply the reactive power (kVAR) required by inductive loads. By correcting poor power factor ratings, capacitors reduce kVA demand thus off-loading transformers, switchgear and other equipment. The reduced kVA demand results in lower utility power bills, cooler equipment operation and longer equipment life.