Plant Services On-Demand Webinars: Workforce

Join Plant Services editors and industry experts as we engage in lively discussions about hot topics challenging today's manufacturing plant. Each of these on-demand webinars will inform and educate. Be sure to register for the 2018 Plant Services Plant Maintenance and Reliability Strategies Webinar Series.

State of the Industry Research: Workforce
Presenter(s): Thomas Wilk, Bill Wilder
Training is expensive in terms of money and time. How do you make sure you’ll get the results you need – the workforce skills required to meet your company’s performance objectives? In this webinar, we will walk you the process of identifying training objectives and performance expectations, preparing people beforehand, and managing post-training performance to maximize results. He’ll also discuss the benefits of different types of training and explain the difference between certificates and certification. Webinar participants will also gain access to a learning resource and template for improving the results from training

State of the Workforce / Enabling Leaders to be Leaders
Presenter(s): Thomas Wilk, Tom Moriarty
There is a direct link between the amount of leadership training received by leaders and their motivation scores. It is possible to measure leadership effectiveness and motivation, to identify and solve issues. This webinar, we will take an in-depth look at both surveys and their standout findings, and will offer employees and employers perspective on how to stay competitive through effective plant workforce recruitment, retention, and development.

How Diverse Teams Reach Superior Results
Presenter(s): Rob Bishop
It is human nature to surround ourselves with those whom we share commonalities with, but the strongest teams are made of diverse members. Often teams of engineers can quickly achieve a goal, but is the result the best result?  Diversity is about all of the things that make us individuals, from our experiences and education to our personality traits. This Webinar will explore how teams can be formed and enabled to achieve their full potential. This approach works for project teams as well as for departments or long term matrix teams.

Reliability, Safety, Training
Presenter(s): Richard Wood
Reliability, safety, training - What's the correlation and ROI? Remaining competitive within the marketplace is critical. Can an organization really expect to realize a return on their investment that would substantiate the funds and lost time? Is it really worth the effort? Will it make the organization more competitive?

The Shortage of Qualified Workers – What Can be Done?
Presenter(s): Dennis K. Neitzel
There are, and will be in the foreseeable future, a shortage of qualified electrical workers in all types of industry, which includes industrial, commercial, residential, and utility maintenance, along with these same shortages in construction. This webinar will first provide background and statistics on the shortage of qualified electrical workers.

Effective Electrical Workforce Training and Development
Presenter(s): Robert S. LeRoy, Dan Hebisen
The basis for monitoring safe work compliance is rooted in OSHA with techniques described in NFPA 70E. Workers must first be qualified for the task and then monitored to ensure their daily work habits reflect the training elements used to determine their qualification status while following company-provided work procedures. This webinar will explain the benchmarks of effective workforce training and development, including monitoring for compliance, measuring for understanding, and targeting to the topic (equipment and work practice).