Plant Services On-Demand Webinars: Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring

Join Plant Services editors and industry experts as we engage in lively discussions about hot topics challenging today's manufacturing plant. Each of these on-demand webinars will inform and educate. Be sure to register for the 2018 Plant Services Plant Maintenance and Reliability Strategies Webinar Series.

PdM Optimization
Presenter(s): Stan Riddle
Maintenance technology has gone through major advances in reliability over the past few decades. During that time, vibration analysis tools have gotten faster, more accurate, and more advanced. But the analysis of that data continues to require an experienced vibration analyst. This webinar will discuss the future of reliability, which may hinge on three critical needs: training a new generation maintenance force with the skills of precision maintenance; making vibration analysis faster and less complicated; and reducing the time between data analysis and corrective action on machinery.

State of the Industry Research: PdM Predictive Maintenance
Presenter(s): Thomas Wilk, Kevin Price
Plant Services will conduct its annual PdM survey of manufacturing and industrial production professionals in early 2017, asking workers a comprehensive set of questions on the extent to which predictive maintenance tools and techniques are being adopted in their facility. This webinar, will focus on the key findings of the survey.

Predictive Maintenance: Remote Monitoring
Presenter(s): Thomas Wilk, Joe Van Dyke
This webinar will focus on the key findings of the Plant Services annual PdM survey, with an in-depth focus on the ways and extent to which respondents are adopting and deploying remote monitoring technologies. We will also talk about will talk about the flexibility, scalability, and continuity that remote monitoring can offer.

State of Predictive Maintenance
Presenter(s): Thomas Wilk, Phil Beelendorf
You’ve bought into the proactive maintenance concept lock, stock, and barrel. But the mountain of cash the leading pundits promised has yet to materialize. If you find yourself  in this situation, maybe you made one simple mistake; you didn’t follow the money. Stop looking for the “better-built” mousetrap. If you want results, stop chasing technology and employee a zero-sum maintenance strategy. Attend this webinar and learn how to use zero-sum maintenance strategies. See how many mice (dollars) you end up catching.

Infrared Inspections: Jobsite Hazards, Safety Concerns and Risk Mitigation for Beginning Thermographers
Presenter(s): Gary D. Lux, Tak Tsang
Join Plant Services for a discussion of the key safety concerns that new thermographers may have but have never discussed. We will provide insight to help you mitigate the risk related to arc flash, electrical inspections, roof inspections, and mechanical equipment Inspections and discuss current industry standards and best practices, including those pertaining to NFPA 70E, OSHA 1910.335, and “uncommon sense."

Predictive Maintenance
Presenter(s): Jacob Swafford, Robert Skeirik
This webinar will provide a discussion on remote condition monitoring drivers and successes and industrial standards for wireless asset monitoring. Key topics include industry drivers for remotely monitoring machinery conditions, new ways of reaching actionable information, and keeping data secure.

The Future of Asset Condition Monitoring (ACM)
Presenter(s): Jack R. Nicholas, Jr., Paul Lachance
Join Plant Services for a webinar on defending an asset condition monitoring (ACM) predictive maintenance (PdM) program. This webinar will cover the most cost effective combination of ACM/PdM technologies to employ and why, and key performance indicators needed to defend ACM/PdM program continuance.

Remote Monitoring
Presenter(s): Brian Blum, Shon Isenhour
The ability to monitor the health of physical assets and analyze data from remote locations has been available for decades. Whether it’s an application as simple as installing a wireless sensing device in a difficult-to-access area or a contracted service that alerts maintenance and reliability personnel when equipment requires a closer look, this webinar demonstrates why the ability to preempt catastrophic failure on critical machinery always makes good business sense.

Visual Oil Analysis – A Front Line Defense
Presenter(s): Jason Kopchinsky
This presentation will provide an overview of best practices to employ when collecting oil analysis information; what should be collected and where best to collect it from.

Infrared Technology: How to Use Thermal Imaging to Check Electrical Systems
Presenter(s): Jim Seffrin
This presentation reviews facts and figures of electrical safety. It continues with a discussion on the anatomy of an arc flash and the severity of arc flashes. It then identifies how thermography is useful, reviews indirect vs. direct temperature measurements, and the use of thermo imaging to identify electrical faults. Finally EMSDs are reviewed for use in energized electrical equipment..

Predictive Maintenance: Make Better Maintenance Decisions
Presenter(s): Jack R. Nicholas, Jr., Joe Van Dyke
Plant and maintenance managers sometimes feel pressed to defend the merits of predictive maintenance (PdM) techniques. A PdM program requires the use of technologies that help industrial personnel to make better decisions on when to perform maintenance. And these technologies cost money. Predictive maintenance technologies are numerous, but how much of each is best? What’s the most cost-effective combination?

Hot Alignment and Thermal Growth
Presenter(s): Stan Riddle
In this webinar, we will discuss the fundamentals of executing precision shaft alignment while accounting for thermal growth, a critical challenge for some alignments. We will begin by sharing a true story of a hot alignment done at a petrochemical facility, followed by the visual demonstration of a hot alignment on an actual motor and pump.

Managing Critical Machine Health
Presenter(s): Tim Kelley
In this webinar, you can learn how to get the vital information you need about your maintenance operations 24/7 from virtually anywhere.

Predictive Technology
Presenter(s): Michael DeMaria, Paula Hollywood
Every year thousands of electrical workers are injured or killed while at work. Standards such as NFPA 70E aim to keep workers safe through six strategies. Are you effectively controlling electrical safety risks in your plant? This webinar demonstrates how to use thermal imaging to check your electrical systems for faults or problems that can create more significant hazards down the road.

Mechanical Vibration: Where do I Start, and What is the Benefit?
Presenter(s): John Bernet, Robert Perez
Vibration monitoring and analysis are two critical steps for success in a predictive maintenance (PdM) program for mechanical rotating equipment, but where do you start? PdM tools are only effective if a thoughtful plan is in place. This webinar will explain how to determine machine criticality based on risk and high or low consequence.

Is Thermography Part of Your Predictive Maintenance Strategy?
Presenter(s): Eric Hudson, Dan Simon
Thermography is one of the tools available to maintenance professionals executing predictive maintenance strategies. In this webinar, we will explain how thermal imaging can be used for condition monitoring. This webinar will also discuss the use of infrared thermal imaging in various industrial settings.

Condition Monitoring
Presenter(s): Brian Anulies, Scott Christman, Douglas Hoffman
This webinar features expert analysts discussing the results of our Condition Monitoring survey. We'll highlight how companies are using condition monitoring as part of their maintenance and reliability strategies. This webinar will identify trends and discuss the technologies companies are using to make condition monitoring a vital part of their maintenance programs.