Plant Services On-Demand Webinars: Motor, Drives, and Power Transmission

Join Plant Services editors and industry experts as we engage in lively discussions about hot topics challenging today's manufacturing plant. Each of these on-demand webinars will inform and educate. Be sure to register for the 2018 Plant Services Plant Maintenance and Reliability Strategies Webinar Series.

Electric Motor Bearings – Failures, Causes, and Countermeasures
Presenter(s): Steve Pisanelli
Are your motor bearings in trouble even before you install them? This webinar takes a look at the range of risks that can adversely impact the performance of your electric motor bearings, from pre-service damage to poor storage, handling, and lubrication procedures.

Electric Motor Bearing Failure Causes and Prevention
Presenter(s): Terry W. Bell
51% of electric motor failures are due to bearing damage and failure. Potential causes of bearing damage leading to failure include inadequate lubrication, mechanical issues, heat, bearing current, and contamination. Prevention of bearing damage will extend motor life. This webinar will walk you through the typical causes of damage, identifying a possible failure, and maximizing the motor's life by preventing premature bearing failure.

Don't Come Uncoupled
Presenter(s): Alex Vitou, Mathew Wolford
Couplings are a critical part of many power transmission systems. Yet, best practices for maximizing coupling life are often neglected. This webinar will look at common failure modes of elastomeric couplings and best practices, including proper selection, troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance to keep your system from coming un-coupled.

The Next Generation Motor Efficiency Performance: Beyond NEMA Premium
Presenter(s): Richard R. Schaefer
Advancements in motor design make extreme efficiencies possible. In this webinar, we will discuss how to select the right motor technology to reach the efficiencies needed in your applications.

New DC Motor Design Technologies Bringing New Life to Existing DC Motor Applications
Presenter(s): Marcus Orders
The dilemma for many end users of DC motors in industry today is “Repair, replace, rewind, or buy new?” This webinar will help answer that question by looking at the advantages of choosing a power dense, low profile DC motor to meet the demands of your application.

Right Sizing A Motor for Reliability
Presenter(s): George Weihrauch
Join Plant Services as we discuss the current issues of motor sizing that can affect a user’s installed motor base and the motors that have yet to be bought.  We will provide an in-depth overview of correctly specifying a motor is more than just horsepower rating, there are several other key characteristics to account for.

Shaft Grounding and Current Mitigation
Presenter(s): Bobby Bowen
Attend this informative webcast and walk away with key takeaways that will help your business prevent premature bearing failure which could result in high maintenance costs or worse – facility downtime. Join us as we discuss the causes, effects, and proper prevention techniques to protect your motor from stray shaft currents.

Motor Reliability: Keeping Your Motors Running Longer
Presenter(s): Charles Dix
Motor maintenance is critical to maintaining an industrial plant's power supply, but many important steps help to keep a plant's motors optimized and running. Considering plugged air vents or excessive heat, lubrication, or power quality is just the start. Alignment and vibration must be monitored, as well. And keeping the cooling fan shrouds and motor fins cleaned and free of debris helps tremendously in keeping the motor cool and reducing the chances of the internal windings and other components from breaking down due to high temperatures.

Motors and Vibration Analysis
Presenter(s): John Bernet, Robert Perez
In this webinar, we will provide an introduction to vibration analysis theory and practice. We will also explore the value and benefits of vibration testing, an overview of the new techniques available to make vibration analysis easier for mainstream users, and a comparison of different vibration equipment.

Motors and Drives Optimization
Presenter(s): Kay Cabaniss, Geoff Generalovic, Brent McManis
Motor testing and energy efficiency are important to every plant. Motor testing off-line and on-line are the most critical steps for optimization and performance. Each test picks up on different parameters in the motor circuits. Off-line actually tests the whole motor circuit from starter to the motor; any changes over time due to motor deterioration or cable problems will be picked up doing this test. On-line testing under load is important to see how the motor performs electrically, showing a balanced system phase to phase is important.

Choosing the Right Gearmotor
Presenter(s): Chad Brown, Kay Cabaniss
Understanding the different types and efficiencies of gearmotors is critical to making the best selection for a particular application. This webinar explores the different gearmotor types, discusses the advantages and efficiencies of each, and shows how to make the best gearmotor selection based on energy savings and application demands.

Motors and Drives: Get the Right Tools to Prevent Failure
Presenter(s): Charles E. Dix, Neil Gillespie, Drew Norman, Bobby Powell
Join motor and drive experts as they speak with Plant Services about everything from energy efficiency to addressing the repair-versus-replace question. In this webinar, learn how to keep motors running at their peak efficiency. This webinar will highlight how companies are using best practices to identify motor failure types, understand the benefits of vibration testing, and more.

The Case for Energy Efficiency Across the Drive Train
Presenter(s): Todd Kananen, Rich Mintz
Energy management, monitoring and efficiency are the fastest-growing aspects of an industrial plant manager’s responsibilities. Since motors account for the largest percentage of energy usage, we’d like to help you understand the best strategies for achieving energy efficiency across the drive train.