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Asset Management and Reliability

Extend the Effectiveness of Your Field Maintenance
Presenter(s): Nicholas Meyer, Drew Mackley
More handheld devices are available to assist field technicians than ever before. But when handheld communicators act independently of a plant’s asset management program, or can only be used for basic tasks, their value to the technicians is minimal. With a more powerful handheld, field technicians can address more issues in the field when they find them and automatically update those changes to the central asset management database. In this webinar, discover how the right handheld will help your maintenance technicians be more efficient, while carrying fewer tools, in any area of the plant.

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Compressed Air

Remote Monitoring of Compressed Air Systems Utilizing Cellular Connectivity
Presenter(s): John Smithey
Imagine what it would mean to your business to always be one step ahead of potential production pitfalls. Optimization of your compressor system is a breeze when you use cellular connectivity.  For starters, real-time compressor room data are a mouse click away, whether those data are accessed on-site or from a remote location. Remote monitoring also saves time by allowing you to spend time working in locations that matter most, instead of being tied to compressor room monitoring system productivity.  Real-time insights also enable you to save money on energy costs, improve your service levels, and avoid downtime.

3 Steps to Preventing Water in Compressed Air Lines
Presenter(s): Courtney Dulude
Water in compressed air lines can cause extensive damage to equipment, interrupt operations and hurt the bottom line. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to identify, measure and manage moisture in compressed air lines.

Applying Compressor Efficiency Ratings to Real-World System Design
Presenter(s): Neil Mehltretter, Werner Rauer
With an increased awareness in plant energy costs, more and more there’s an active interest in selecting energy efficient compressed air equipment. For many, understanding efficiency and performance metrics for compressors is problematic. Applying these metrics to compressed air system design, is even more difficult. In this webinar, we will discuss compressor efficiency and metrics currently evolving to compare unit performance. Additionally, different approaches to system design will be compared to show how single unit efficiency impacts system efficiency.

Keep Cool and Go with the Flow: How to Fix Temperature, Pressure, and Air Quality Issues with Your Compressed Air System
Presenter(s): Werner Rauer, Ron Marshall
Compressed air is vital to plant production. Common compressed air problems can lead to air quality issues, pressure drop, and overheating. Each of these greatly impacts reliability and energy efficiency, causing increased scrap and unnecessary downtime. In this webinar, we will cover practical tips to combat these common compressed air problems. The focus will be on ways to diagnose and address these areas—without major capital investments.

The 5 Myths of Vacuum Systems
Presenter(s): Darren Cartney
Vacuum is a little-understood component of manufacturing. From the strange pressure scales to the varying flow rates, it can be a challenge to fully understand. Every year, manufacturers waste thousands of dollars on inefficient equipment that is either wrongly sized, not properly maintained or simply old and in need of replacement. Falling for one or more of the 5 myths in industrial vacuum can be expensive and troublesome for maintenance and production. The unintended consequences can range from higher electric consumption to increased capital investment or unplanned maintenance.

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Electrical Systems

State of the Industry Research: Electrical Safety
Presenter(s): Thomas Wilk, Corey Glassman
This webinar will focus on the key findings of the Plant Services Electrical Safety survey. There will also have an additional presentation "Electrical Measurement Safety: Built-in safety test tools" which will include further discussion on topics including risks in the electrical environment, common errors with measurement tools, and operational readiness testing.

What's Your Relay Telling You? Using Intelligent Relays to Protect Motors
Presenter(s): Kip Larson, Charles Newcomb
Motors are getting smarter and so are the relays designed to protect them. These intelligent relays can now detect problems with pumps, wiring, controls, and power systems as well as motors themselves. However, what faults do these relays detect? and how do these devices use the industrial internet to deliver information to the repair technician? This webcast will explain what conditions are measured by smart motor protection relays, and clarify what the different outputs, codes, and alarms mean in the context of actual equipment.

Electrical Safety: Safety by Design - Reducing Hazards and Enhancing Safety
Presenter(s): Dean Katsiris, Dave Scheuerman
Proper procedures are necessary to improve electrical safety, but did you know that safety can be designed into the electrical system itself to greatly reduce many of these hazards? Designing the right components into your electrical system is key to reducing electrical hazards and enhancing plant safety. Staying on top of critical trends in the electrical environment and changing codes can be challenging. In this webinar, we will discuss the components you can design into your electrical systems to comply with codes and standards, adapt to electrical trends, and make your facility safer.

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Energy Management/Optimization

IIoT-Enabled Energy Management
Presenter(s): RIck Veague
The current state of energy management and monitoring often requires manual measurements that are compounded with aging equipment and the retirement of knowledgeable personnel. This webinar will explore how the Industrial Internet is changing the traditional energy monitoring landscape, opening the door to continuous online measurements, automated analysis, and subscription-based CM/PdM services.

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HVAC and Indoor Air Quality

HVAC and Indoor Air Quality
Presenter(s): Jeff Hess, Christian Taber
Workplace comfort impacts a lot of locations, where operators are simply performing more efficiently if they're in a more comfortable environment. Measuring temperature, humidity, and air flow is a good start, but inspecting and testing of the ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems should be performed, too.

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Factory Optimization: The New Digital Toolbox
Presenter(s): Keith Larson
Do you and your teams have a handle on how to engage with digital initiatives that will help optimize operations at your facility? This webinar provides you with strategy to begin, as 25+ year industry expert Keith Larson draws from nine separate success stories to block out the simple three-step roadmap (physical connectivity, mobile apps, and analytics platform) for you to start your Industry 4.0 journey.

From Concept to Reality - Deploying IoT Projects on Your Plant Floor
Presenter(s): David Shannon, Ross Manni, Matt Olson
IoT and condition monitoring solutions have taken over manufacturing and adjusted the way maintenance workers go about their daily routines. It is no longer a question of “should we buy into these new technologies,” but rather “which ones do we choose, and how do we implement them?” In this webinar, you will hear from an IoT specialist on the technologies currently available, and from a plant manager on deploying IoT-based condition monitoring solutions on the plant floor.

IIoT-Enabled Condition Monitoring
Presenter(s): Christine LaFave Grace, Kevin Price
The current state of condition monitoring often requires manual measurements that are compounded with aging equipment and the retirement of knowledgeable personnel. This webinar will explore how the Industrial Internet is changing the traditional condition monitoring landscape, opening the door to continuous online measurements, automated analysis, and subscription-based CM/PdM services.

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Industrial Safety and Security

Applying Cybersecurity Standards in Your Operation
Presenter(s): Richard Witucki
A cyber-attack can have a direct impact on reliability, performance, safety and overall efficiency. Standards are meant to provide consistent and effective cyber protection throughout the asset lifecycle, from design through operation and maintenance. Where do you start? How do you know if what you’re doing today is really protecting your operation? We’ll provide some practical tips to apply the principles of standards such as IEC62443 in your day-to-day operation and maintenance activities.

The Evolution of Machinery Protection - Not Your Father's Machinery Protection System
Presenter(s): Jacob Swafford
We talked last year about the evolution of machinery protection systems and how they are becoming more than just the earthquake switch they've been known for over the past 30 years, and we want to continue to grow on this topic.  Machinery protection systems are now able to bring this data that has previously been stranded (plus some more rich diagnostics)  to the operators and decision makers allowing for step changes in asset health management. Join us for the next chapter in our ongoing discussion on how machinery protection systems are quickly evolving.

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How to Get Twice the Life From Your Gear Boxes
Presenter(s): Jarrod Potteiger
This presentation first provides an understanding as to why gears wear out and ultimately fail, it discusses the importance of lubrication selection for each machine, how to develop PMs for applying and maintaining lubricants and how to modify machines to facilitate lubricant application.

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Best Practices for Data-Driven Manufacturing Maintenance
Presenter(s): Paul Lachance
Getting your maintenance team to excellence is a process that involves a variety of best practices. A great place to start is discussing which metrics are the most important for your organization – but that’s just the first step. You need to follow up your objectives with tracking and measuring data while making sure that your goals follow industry best practices. It may sound like a lot of work, but with a few guiding principles it’s easier than you think.

How Can You Improve Reliability Overnight?
Presenter(s): Jason Tranter
The biggest challenge to improving reliability is that the majority of people don't understand what reliability improvement is all about. If people understood how the business benefits, how they personally benefit, and the simple ways that we can monitor and improve equipment condition, then they would change their current practices and attitudes. Knowledge breaks down all the barriers and creates belief and desire for change - and a desire to participate in the process.

Setting up a Condition Monitoring Program is Easy, Right? So Why do so Many Fail?
Presenter(s): Jason Tranter
In our 30+ years of experience, we have seen the same mistakes made over and over. People buy the technology, use it on what seems to be the right equipment, have some success (with the low hanging fruit) and then the program stagnates. The result? Management is not happy. Maintenance and operations are not happy. And you are not happy when equipment fails and the program gets wound up. What can you do about it?

A Reliability Road Map With A Difference
Presenter(s): Jason Tranter
This webinar will briefly explain why so many programs fail and will then present a road map for success. Every successful program has a few common traits, and every failed program lacks those traits. Our road map lays out every step, one after the other, so that you build a foundation and get your maintenance program under control and then can add reliability improvement building blocks.

Go Beyond OEE with Real-Time Performance Management
Presenter(s): Corey Vodvarka
This webinar gives you the insights you need to understand what’s limiting your factory’s performance, and the tools you need to improve your operation. You'll learn how to improve response time to performance issues on the line, establish Lean principles related to OEE and performance, and set up and configure more efficient systems without costly capital investment.

Achieving Lowest Cost of Ownership in Maintenance
Presenter(s): Greg Garrison
Equipment failure is an unwelcome but unavoidable reality that negatively affects a facility’s production time, capability, and workplace safety. If you had the chance to identify and remedy the most out-of-control maintenance costs while reducing your team's reactive workload, would you do it?  In this webinar, we will explain how a combination of consultation, training, and implementation can help your plant teams achieve a cost saving solutions process.

Five Ways to Break out of the Reactive Cycle of Doom
Presenter(s): Jason Tranter
You are probably well aware of the benefits of reliability. All those proactive tasks, condition monitoring tests, and all the other essential elements of a reliability program seem like very good ideas. But there is one very big roadblock: breaking out of the reactive maintenance “emergencies” that pop up every day. When is there time to fix tomorrow’s problems, when it is almost impossible to keep up with today’s problems?  Well, there is a way to break out of this nasty cycle and we will explain how to do it in this presentation.

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Material Handling

Screw Conveyor Maintenance
Presenter(s): Jim Nutzman
This presentation is geared to assist engineering, production and maintenance personnel who utilize bulk material handling conveyor equipment to develop an increased understanding of screw conveyor systems. This presentation will provide an overview of conveyor design, torque, conveyor system layout and installation, troubleshooting and safety considerations.

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Motor, Drives, and Power Transmission

Electric Motor Bearings – Failures, Causes, and Countermeasures
Presenter(s): Steve Pisanelli
Are your motor bearings in trouble even before you install them? This webinar takes a look at the range of risks that can adversely impact the performance of your electric motor bearings, from pre-service damage to poor storage, handling, and lubrication procedures.

Electric Motor Bearing Failure Causes and Prevention
Presenter(s): Terry W. Bell
51% of electric motor failures are due to bearing damage and failure. Potential causes of bearing damage leading to failure include inadequate lubrication, mechanical issues, heat, bearing current, and contamination. Prevention of bearing damage will extend motor life. This webinar will walk you through the typical causes of damage, identifying a possible failure, and maximizing the motor's life by preventing premature bearing failure.

Don't Come Uncoupled
Presenter(s): Alex Vitou, Mathew Wolford
Couplings are a critical part of many power transmission systems. Yet, best practices for maximizing coupling life are often neglected. This webinar will look at common failure modes of elastomeric couplings and best practices, including proper selection, troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance to keep your system from coming un-coupled.

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Operational Excellence

How Effective Is Your STO Strategy?
Presenter(s): Steve Carr, Joel Levitt
Shutdowns, turnarounds and outages are complex, high-cost undertakings that have impacts across the entire business, from shareholders and board members to front-line maintenance workers. When not well-planned and managed, STOs can create safety risks, unplanned downtime, and cost overruns, resulting in reduced profitability if the organization is not able to return on schedule to full operating capacity.

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Predictive Technologies/Condition Monitoring

PdM Optimization
Presenter(s): Stan Riddle
Maintenance technology has gone through major advances in reliability over the past few decades. During that time, vibration analysis tools have gotten faster, more accurate, and more advanced. But the analysis of that data continues to require an experienced vibration analyst. This webinar will discuss the future of reliability, which may hinge on three critical needs: training a new generation maintenance force with the skills of precision maintenance; making vibration analysis faster and less complicated; and reducing the time between data analysis and corrective action on machinery.

State of the Industry Research: PdM Predictive Maintenance
Presenter(s): Thomas Wilk, Kevin Price
Plant Services will conduct its annual PdM survey of manufacturing and industrial production professionals in early 2017, asking workers a comprehensive set of questions on the extent to which predictive maintenance tools and techniques are being adopted in their facility. This webinar, will focus on the key findings of the survey.

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State of the Industry Research: Workforce
Presenter(s): Thomas Wilk, Bill Wilder
Training is expensive in terms of money and time. How do you make sure you’ll get the results you need – the workforce skills required to meet your company’s performance objectives? In this webinar, we will walk you the process of identifying training objectives and performance expectations, preparing people beforehand, and managing post-training performance to maximize results. He’ll also discuss the benefits of different types of training and explain the difference between certificates and certification. Webinar participants will also gain access to a learning resource and template for improving the results from training.

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