on 'HVAC System'

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  • The how's and why's of heat exchanger stall

    This video demonstrates the particular problems associated with the removal of condensate from temperature controlled heat exchange equipment, including the causes, symptoms and effects of 'stall'.

  • Walter Boyd talks about HVLS fan technology

    When Walter Boyd, founder of MacroAir Technologies, was growing up, his attraction to everything mechanical manifested itself early on. His fervor for stock car racing and the technical knowledge learned over his years of racing became the foundation for numerous product designs and enhancements. Boyd is a mechanical engineer by training. In 1998 he was challenged to help create an efficient system to cool dairy cattle because they stop eating when they suffer from heat stress. When they don't eat, milk production slows or comes to a halt. And the dairyman's business becomes even more challenging. Boyd designed a large, slow-moving overhead barn fan. In this video, he discusses HVLS fan technology.

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