March 2007 Issue


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  • Learn the basics of failure analysis techniques and risk mitigation

    As CMMS vendors search for ways to differentiate their products and services in light of increased competition, many have enhanced their offerings to include a variety of powerful failure analysis techniques and risk mitigation strategies. Asset Management Expert David Berger illustrates some of the more basic techniques and simple strategies to mitigate risk and exploit improvement opportunities.

  • Keep tabs on your electrical distribution

    The electrical distribution system in a plant is a lot like oxygen: You only tend to think about it when it’s not there. But just like oxygen, the electrical system is vital to your company’s life. Applying the same rules to checking an existing system and building a new system ensures that you don’t find yourself in trouble in the long run.

  • Explosive environments

    If machinery or equipment is to be used in an explosive environment, the design engineer and local fire marshall must use North American HAZ-LOC standards to decide what level of protection is needed.

  • Hydrogen-powered forklifts blasting off

    Hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklifts are getting a lift from companies that expect the prospect of reducing total plant floor logistics costs will lead to their widespread use.

  • Your favorite downloads

    Find out what our peers are downloading from in this list of our site's most popular downloads.

  • The incredible shrinking heat exchanger

    Heat exchangers are getting increasingly compact and efficient. Enhanced, compact, ultra-compact, microscale and mesoscale variations are on the market or in development. Continuing innovations in nanotechnology and fuel cells promise further advances in heat exchanger miniaturization.

  • Undoing doomsday

    Maintenance, reliability and asset management professionals can't do much about nuclear proliferation, but they sure can do their part to stem global warming, says Paul Studebaker, CMRP, in his latest column. Also, listen to the mp3 version of Studebaker narrating this article.

  • In the Trenches: Gender discrimination at Acme?

    A female Acme maintenance technician has no choice but to dress in the men's locker room and then is passed over for a promtion despite her seniority. She quits and files a discrimination suit. Read the details in our monthly In the Trenches (remember, only the names are changed to protect the innocent).