October 2006 Issue


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  • Maintenance legislation changes loom

    For years, stockholders have pressured management to increase quarterly shareholder value without accountability for long-term decisions and implementing sustainable processes. That is changing. Shareholders have filed a “breach of duty” lawsuit against BP executives for not ensuring proper maintenance and repair processes. Joel Leonard predicts major overhauls in maintenance legislation.

  • RCM increased asset use 8% at Dofasco

    Dofasco’s Hamilton, Ontario steel plant operations are among the most efficient and technologically advanced in North America. Read how reliability-centered maintenance increased asset utilization 8% at Dofasco.

  • Put a plant-wide focus on functional failures

    Short-term and long-term solutions can increase reliability, asset availability, utilization, quality and capacity, but they're not easy or simple. Look at the barriers that hold a plant back.

  • Foreign Trade Zone program makes foreign trade easier for the U.S.

    These programs make it easier for U.S. companies to get involved in foreign trade and leverage the advantages of U.S. manufacturing in global competition. Maintenance professionals can benefit by participating in development missions, visiting other countries to learn how their overseas competition does things.

  • Consider solar-powered remote monitoring systems

    It could be cost prohibitive to employ your local electric utility to string wires so you can drop a meter at a remote location. Instead, read how solar-powered remote monitoring systems can save you money and solve your problems.

  • Plant of the Year for 2006

    Its handling of Hurricane Katrina makes Chevron’s Pascagoula Refinery our Plant of the Year. Last summer, the refinery came face-to-face with one of the costliest and deadliest storms on record.

  • Free web resources for green industry

    There are measures that every plant professional can take to help industry avoid accusations of being a terrible blight on the landscape we must share with the rest of humanity. Executive Editor Russ Kratowicz recommends these Web resources.

  • Maintenance heroism in the time of hurricanes

    Plant Services' Plant of the Year survived Hurricane Katrina, but it isn't a story fit for Hollywood scripts. Instead, says Editor in Chief Paul Studebaker in his latest column, it's a story that illustrates how maintenance should be conducted.

  • Green flooring initiatives on the rise

    A variety of health and safety standards, environmental regulations and federal programs are influencing development of new floor care products. Among the goals of the “green” flooring initiatives are minimizing toxic ingredients, chemical releases and frequency of stripping and recoating.

  • Industrial servo motors stand up to hard use

    By their nature and usage, industrial servo motors must be engineered, designed and built to more rigorous levels of reliability than standard AC, squirrel-cage, induction motors.