August 2006 Issue


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  • Free web resources for best practices

    That you should be using only best practices is easy to say, but with technology, regulations and the macroeconomy changing at a furious pace, it’s going to be more difficult than that, says Executive Editor Russ Kratowicz, P.E., CMRP, in his monthly column. He offers up these free Web resources for best practices in maintenance.

  • Beyond FMEA

    It seems that preventive maintenance (PM) is now a misguided and misused term, says Ricky Smith in this month's Boiler Room. A little deeper thinking can lead to more effective preventive maintenance.

  • Six steps to condition-based maintenance

    An exciting trend in the world of CMMS is the increasing sophistication of condition-based maintenance (CBM) features and functions vendors offer and maintenance professionals actually use. Perhaps we’re finally turning a corner on the age-old firefighting mentality, replacing it with a more planned environment.

  • The bottom line depends on maintenance

    As the primary means to significant increases at the bottom line, automation is over the hill. The almighty bottom line is dependant on maintenance these days, says Editor in Chief Paul Studebaker in his monthly column.

  • Implementation fatigue

    The new market realities of higher and rising energy costs as well as global pressures to reduce fossil fuel intensity have made energy management tracking much more valuable. Learn how to keep energy productivity programs from running out of gas in Peter Garforth's latest Energy Expert column.

  • The rise and fall of modulation

    Why have reciprocating designs fallen out of favor relative to the rotary compressor that is so predominant today? Read about the evolution of efficient controls for compressed air systems.

  • Get out of the dark

    Does your plant have reliability issues and a hard time meeting production targets? Metrics such as key performance indicators (KPIs), when identified and aligned properly, can save your plant, your job and your career. So grab a pen, open your mind and get ready to learn.