June 2006 Issue


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  • Digging below the metaphorical surface

    To help guide you in the quest for absolute truth, we’re going to take another leap into the morass we call the Web in search of practical, zero-cost, noncommercial, registration-free Web resources focused on root cause analysis. Remember, we search the Web so you don't have to.

  • Acme's dress code isn't pretty

    A long-time female Acme employee doesn't feel the new dress code policy is fair to women, and after she's fired for non-compliance, she sues. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

  • Reliability is worth a second look

    Statistical analysis and time-based preventive maintenance don't really address the ability to perform. It's time to get familiar with the definition of reliability.

  • Flexible facilities can do much more than increase productivity

    Plant professionals understand that systems, practices and designs do more than increase productivity, but justifying investment can be difficult because payback calculations are elusive and decisionmakers only see cost centers. Learn to capture the real options that let plants thrive in evolving environments.

  • Keeping your yardstick consistent

    The demand for calibration from your CMMS product has increased dramatically in recent years, as competitive and regulatory pressures force manufacturers to become more vigilant about ensuring product quality.

  • Engineered floor coatings give you a big advantage

    Engineered coatings provide new levels of maintenance efficiency, energy savings and safety. Advances in materials science are opening new doors for industrial coatings, says Sheila Kennedy in her monthly Technology Toolbox column.

  • Improve your motor maintenance program

    An improved maintenance program for your electric motors and drives will have a great effect in achieving uptime and reliability, as well as reduced costs. Follow this step-by-step route to improve motor and drive reliability.

  • Should you relax as energy prices dip?

    It's not unusual for plant managers to suffer from a severe case of amnesia as soon as energy prices begin to fall. In his monthly Energy Expert column, Peter Garforth explains why it's so important to remain diligent in cutting energy costs even as prices dip.

  • Green roofs: the unexpected benefits

    Green roofs are quietly cropping up across the nation. Find out the expected and unexpected benefits of putting a lawn on your roof through the eyes of successful implementers like the Ford Dearborn Assembly Plant.

  • Going mobile is the key to the future of PdM

    Moving from reactive to predictive is a culture change. It requires thinking and acting differently, which takes new priorities, retraining and fundamental shifts in daily activities. Short of wholesale outsourcing, a plant can’t buy its way to predictive. But one small class of tools can do the most to facilitate the change: mobile computers.

  • Optimize HVAC and process systems

    Plant engineers have many flow measurement options when selecting flow sensors or flowmeters for heating-ventilation-air-conditioning (HVAC) and process control systems. Use this survey of flow measurement technology to match meter to plant and process.