May 2006 Issue


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  • From breeze to kilowatts

    There are a plethora of reasons for you to invest in renewable energy. With that in mind, we took a dive into the morass we call the Web in search of practical, zero-cost, noncommercial, registration-free Web resources that can provide you with some insight about wind power to generate electricity for your plant.

  • Leading change

    Leaders need to create and sustain continuous path without upsetting his employees. Learn how to clear a solid path and have the workforce follow you to great heights.

  • Seal manufacturers improving on reliability

    Historically, mechanical seals were designed with very flat, parallel faces, and nearly a century passed before this basic principle saw any notable change. New and emerging manufacturing technologies provide greater flexibility in seal design, the goal being greater reliability, even in the most demanding applications.

  • Corporate social responsibility

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a growing phenomenon worldwide that’s trying to change the role and nature of corporations. CSR deals with the thorny issues around a corporation’s responsibility to society, and how it relates to the company’s traditional commitment to maximize shareholder profits.

  • Defending U.S. manufacturing

    A recent report named the top 10 "pro-business" states. They showed exemplary can-do attitudes and innovative approaches. Who are they and what does this mean to U.S. manufacturing?

  • Embedded energy

    Calculating the costs of your energy management plan is not as simple as adding up your natural gas, electricity and fuel invoices. You can involve suppliers to minimize total cost.

  • Stop the bleeding

    Howling machines yammering away 24/7 could be the source of significant wasted energy in the form of compressed air. Simply put, not managing compressed air leaks is a crime.

  • Lubrication can significantly improve reliability

    In our first installment of this article, we discussed the challenges of improving production reliability, the effect that lubricants have on the process, and lubrication best practices that promote defect-free operations. In this installment, we’ll continue discussing defect elimination in the manufacturing environment within operations, maintenance materials and design.