January 2005 Issue



  • LEDs becoming the primary lighting choice for plant managers

    Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are quickly becoming the primary lighting choice for many plant managers. While LEDs have been popular for quite some time in smaller applications (such as indicators), they are now used as primary illumination in many places.

  • Managing a powertrain

    Powertrain service manuals have all the answers for typical operating conditions.  The problem is most plants don't operate under typical circumstances.  Be sure to assign the responsibility to someone who uses predictive maintenance.

  • The solutions for level measurement are endless

    Level measurement can be a simple issue with numerous solutions.  Measuring the height of the material in a vessel is merely an interface issue that can be resolved in a variety of ways.

  • Shareholders caught up in crisis?

    Contributing Editor Joel Leonard says it is important to educate stakeholders on the true value of maintenance. With the proper information, decision-makers will be able to see that spending a dollar today will save many dollars tomorrow.

  • Survivor USA

    Plant Services highlights plants that have prevailed in the face of foreign competition. We will pick one in particular as our Survivor USA Plant of the Year and let it serve as inspiration to other plants. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain well-deserved recognition and help American manufacturers beat the odds. Send us your story today.

  • Pumping efficiently?

    Inefficient pumps can increase maintenance as well as energy costs. Are you doing everything you can do to make sure your plant is running as efficiently as possible?

  • Problems and solutions for CMMS

    These exhaustive survey results reveal the problems readers have with their CMMS and the system capabilities they find most critical for solving them.  Learn from your peers and read what they have to say about CMMS.

  • Climb to the fifth level

    The reliability excellence model is founded on a simple principle.  It's a performance level that is difficult to achieve and even harder to sustain.