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  • Automated for the people

    In this installment of Automation Zone, the new technology revolution means major changes in business models.

    José M. Rivera, CEO, CSIA
  • How IIoT devices talk to each other

    The IIC’s Industrial Internet Connectivity Framework facilitates communication, data-sharing for connected assets.

    Dr. Rajive Joshi, Real-Time Innovations
  • Fortify your machines' defenses

    Sheila Kennedy says combine physical barriers and advanced technologies to keep workers safe.

    Sheila Kennedy, CMRP
  • R.U. ready for cobotics?

    Thomas Wilk says even with fictional robots, it’s always been safety first.

    Thomas Wilk, chief editor
  • The cloud will see you now

    Thomas Wilk says prescriptive maintenance opens up a brand-new conversation.

    Thomas Wilk, chief editor
  • How to automate safely

    Here's what you need to do to keep your people safe when integrating new automation technologies.

    Jonathan Jacobi, UL
  • Prevent robotic welding accidents

    In this installment of Automation Zone, learn if your robotic welders meet federal safety requirements and national standards.

    Carrie Halle, Rockford Systems
  • My co-worker the robot

    Talking to employees early in the decision process about ways to use robots to increase productivity, reduce costs or increase quality will improve acceptance.

    Matthew Bush, Hirebotics, for Control Design
  • Why automate? Why not?

    In this Big Picture Interview, we explore pen and paper on the plant floor and other oddities from a Millennial’s perspective.

    Christine LaFave Grace, managing editor
  • Seize the IIoT in just 3 steps

    Good news! You don't have to start from scratch. But here's what your maintenance and operations teams should be doing to prep for IIoT success.

    Bruce Hawkins, Emerson, and Scott Bruni, independent reliability consultant
  • It's a lock: Secure your network

    Sheila Kennedy says vendors are joining forces to offer more-robust industrial network security solutions.

    Sheila Kennedy
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