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Wisconsin manufacturers: Yes, tariffs hurt; yes, we support them

By Wisconsin Business Journal

Jul 16, 2019

While most business leaders agree that President Donald Trump’s tariffs are hurting Wisconsin companies, they support the tariffs anyway, found a statewide survey by the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Foundation. 

According to the survey, 47% of the 204 C-suite executives agreed that tariffs are having a negative impact on their business, but 67% said they were “strongly” or “somewhat” in support of Trump administration tariffs on China. 

“I think the reason for that is, one, in a full year of dealing with tariffs they're going to be better at mitigating the effect on their bottom line,” CEO and president of WMC Kurt Bauer said.

Read the full story, "Wisconsin manufacturers survey finds despite negative impact, business execs still support tariffs," at 

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