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Why 5G is the heart of Industry 4.0

By Andrew Ross, for Information Age

Jul 01, 2019

With the next generation of the industrial revolution being triggered by the combination of emerging technology, the impact that 5G has on Industry 4.0 will be unique.

As a trend itself, 5G won’t redesign the production line but it will enable new operating models. With network characteristics that are essential for manufacturing, 5G will offer manufacturers the chance to build smart factories that can take advantage of the emerging tech that’s changing the industry.

In a market reliant on data-intensive machine applications, such as manufacturing, the higher speeds and low latency of 5G is required for effective use of automatic robots, wearables and VR headsets, shaping the future of smart factories. And while some connected devices utilised 4G networks using unlicensed spectrum, 5G allow this to take place on an unprecedented scale.

The other big thing about 5G in relation to Industry 4.0 is how 5G improves network latency, according to Anurag Lal, CEO of Infinite Convergence Solutions, “this provides the ability for applications, devices and entities to communicate in near real time, if not absolute real-time,” he said.

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