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Which industries are most vulnerable to new tariffs on Chinese goods?

By Calder McHugh for Yahoo Finance

Jun 17, 2019

Key American industries, including apparel, technology and manufacturing, could emerge as the biggest losers from new tariffs on Chinese goods, according to Wells Fargo.

In a research note this week, the bank cited leather, computers, machinery and textile as among the most vulnerable as the U.S. and China continue to drag out bilateral trade negotiations.

Several industry organizations have already sounded warnings on how tariffs will impact business, while retail behemoth Walmart (WMT) has warned that the extra costs would likely be passed on to consumers.

All of the industries cited by Wells Fargo rely significantly on imports, and have a significant share of Chinese imports, according to the report.

To learn more, read "These US industries could take the heaviest hit from new tariffs" from Yahoo Finance.

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