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Weapons manufacturing plant fined $188K after fatal explosion

By Karl Etters for the Tallahassee Democrat

Apr 10, 2019

A Perry weapons manufacturing plant where two employees died in an explosion last year was cited by the federal government for conditions that led to the fatalities.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration leveled two citations against AMTEC Less Lethal Systems, finding seven violations, and issuing more than $188,000 in fines. Six were serious violations and one was willful.

Christina L. Patterson of Perry was killed in an explosion at the plant just outside the Perry city limits on Sept. 14. A second person, Thomas Fowler Jr., was critically injured and later died. They were loading explosive powder into a blast strip inside protective booths when it ignited and exploded.

To learn more, read "Perry weapons manufacturing plant cited over fatal 2018 explosion" from the Tallahassee Democrat.

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