3D Printing

Volvo plant 3D prints over 500 tools and fixtures

By Arlene Lo for 3D Printing Industry

Sep 10, 2019

The North American branch of car manufacturer Volvo Trucks has 3D printed 500 manufacturing tools and fixtures, including a one-piece diffuser used in the paint atomizer cleaning process.

Incorporating Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology, Volvo’s New River Valley (NRV) plant in Virginia, where all trucks for the North American market are produced, has enabled quicker production and continuous quality improvements in its automotive parts.

“Volvo Trucks began exploring the use of 3D technology with a prototype approach, identifying opportunities to improve quality in the manufacturing process,” said Franky Marchand, vice president and general manager of the NRV plant.

To learn more, read "Volvo Trucks’ New River Valley plant 3D prints over 500 tools and fixtures" from 3D Printing Industry.

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