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Volkswagen's factory workers in the US reject union

By Chris Isidore, for CNN Business

Jun 17, 2019

Workers at Volkswagen's only US factory narrowly defeated an effort by the United Auto Workers union to organize the Chattanooga, Tennessee plant.

The vote announced late Friday showed only 48% of the hourly workers voting in favor of union representation, a bit closer than a similar vote five years ago but not enough to win. More than 90% of 1,600 eligible workers took part in the vote.

The vote was a key battle in the effort of the UAW to reverse years of declining members and influence within the US auto industry.

A win for the union would have been historic. Foreign automakers, such as VW and Toyota (TM), own 31 factories and produce nearly half of the cars built in the United States. None of those 31 foreign-owned plants have ever been unionized. Workers there are generally paid less than workers represented by the UAW.

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