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Unexpected cracking found on critical Boeing 737 Next Generation part

By KOMO News

Sep 30, 2019

Boeing engineers and safety investigators are scrambling to find out how many Boeing 737NGs have cracked "pickle forks" after finding several in the jets. 

A pickle fork is the part that helps attach a plane's fuselage to its wing structure. It helps manage the stress, torque and aerodynamic forces that bend the connection between the wings and the body of the jet. 

Engineers design pickle forks to last the lifetime of the plane, more than 90,000 landings and takeoffs, a term known as "flight cycles" in the aviation industry, without developing cracks. There could be dire results if the pickle fork system on the jet fails in flight.

During a recent inspection, workers found a severely cracked pickle fork on a Boeing 737NG. The plane is relatively young, having logged approximately 35,000 flight cycles when the damage was found.

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